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Saturday, July 18, 2015

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Deauville Miami Salsa Congress

Miami Salsa Congress






JULY 29th- AUGUST 2nd

Held every summer in Miami Beach, The Annual Miami Salsa Congress is a 5 day Latin music and dance event featuring a unique compilation of the world’s top Salsa talent.

Tickets available at


Master’s Projects (FREE) 

For more than ten thousand years we have been building things. Some of the oldest known written word deals with the construction of buildings. What can the things that we as individual designers want to build tell us about our own ambitions and desire to enter into this ten-thousand-year-old discussion? The studio course centers around three primary activities: reading, discussing, and making full-scale architectural details. We have read a series of essays, chapters, and selections from pieces of text loosely associated with phenomenology. In the discussions we have attempted to relate ideas from the readings to our own critical practice as designers and active agents in the production of physical culture. Final proposals include both architectural drawings and a written discussion of how the ideas expressed through architectural detail are related to those texts. Exhibition continues through September 18, 2015.

17th Annual Afro Roots World Music Festival
For more than 16 years, the Afro Roots World Music Festival as celebrated the evolution of African culture by featuring some of the best performers from all over the Caribbean, the Americas and African countries such as Senegal, the Ivory Coast, Guinea, Mali and the Republic of Congo.  All-ages welcome, $15 at the door, $20 for two-day pass (includes access to Day 2 Global Locals Showcase). The night also features sets by DJ Le Spam.


Kindsight utilizes images and words together to express the richness of everyday life, and its moments.

It unravels a simple moment into something so delicate. It portrays the true beauty of the ordinary.

The exhibition: Kindsight came about through a series of emails and responses of friends and associate of the photographer, Robert Zuckerman. Kindsight began has a series of emails between friends and associates in 2002.

KINDSIGHT was later published in 2005 due to its positive response.



The Miami Beach Centennial Tour
In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of Miami Beach (March 26, 1915), this special tour focuses on eleven (11) representative days of the past 100 years through the eyes of Miami Beach citizens, recounting important key events and trends in the history of the city. This is a unique tour created for the centennial celebration. Tickets ($25) available for purchase at the Art Deco Welcome Center (1001 Ocean Drive).

Miss Florida Pageant

On August 10th, 2015 the 43rd Annual Miss Florida Pageant for Female Impersonators will take place at the Deauville Beach Resort Miami. We  are both proud and excited to have such an iconic event here and we are sure it will be a night to remember. 

For information and tickets visit

Here is an excerpt from their site on what to expect: 

“Hello again,
Executive Producer Alyson Thomas, along with Scott Holland, Gary Santis, and Victor Zepka present the return of Female Impersonators Miss Florida Pageant returns to Miami Beach this August 10th, 2015. This system set the platform for excellence in female impersonation back in 1972 with a host of formers who till this day remain some of the most respected and inspiring entertainers and role models in the industry today.For information and tickets visit

Every national pageant system today, has in some way been impacted in a positive way or began in part because of the symbol of excellence Miss Florida FI created. The future will hold true that Miss Florida FI Pageant will once again return to the market as the most anticipated “Social event of the season”. The pageant will offer a mixture of the old, the history, the memories and the emotions, coupled with the new, fresh and progressive efforts and change not only to the team of owners and contestants but to the pageant industry over all.

The board of directors of this prestigious pageant in a collective effort to bring the best that female impersonation has to offer, are committed to bring to you a professional, well run and entertaining night of pageantry, competition and showmanship.

Make your experience in Miami Beach a memorable and exciting mini-vacation. Take advantage of great discounted rates for Sunday Aug 9 – Tues Aug 11 with discounted oceanfront room rates. The pageant will feature a cocktail reception in the main lobby at 6pm. The ballroom will open at 7pm for reserved seating and the show will begin promptly at 9pm with a spectacular opening featuring most of the former Miss Florida FI Pageant court.

The night promises to be memorable, enjoyable and entertaining. I hope to see everyone there….

Always Miss Florida FI,

Alyson Thomas
The Event of the Season!”





Dance Band Night (FREE)

Come dancing with the real stars at this new series the Rhythm Foundation has launched at the North Beach Bandshell in Miami Beach! This month, Aroze Twoubadou brings us the elegant sounds of the French Caribbean – konpa, Haitian bolero.  Come to dance under the stars! 7:00 – 8:00 PM Dance lesson from Konpa Artistic Dance Studio. 8:00 PM Live band Free, with a suggested $5 donation at the door

City Theatre Play Reading (FREE)

City Theatre will host a free play reading at the Jewish Museum of Florida. The featured original plays were written by local and emerging South Florida Playwrights, as part of the City Reads for CityWrights program; where community venues transform into our literary living room and audiences are given the opportunity to enjoy readings of original works fresh off the page with South Florida actors.

Kizomba Miami Beach Festival

“There is only one way to describe what will transpire: We aren’t sharing a product. We are sharing a culture. We are not trying to be the first. We are not trying to be the best. We are just trying to be different. We are just trying to give people an authentic experience.


In the process we also want people who attend our festival to have fun. It’s not a formula… it’s just a lot of common sense… MBKF 2015… it’s coming.


Let’s get ready for a fantastic experience. Thank you in advance for being part of something special with us.”


LGBT Walking Tour

Miami Design Preservation League has joined forces with the Miami-Dade Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce and the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau to bring you this ninety-minute guided walking tour on the fourth Saturday of each month.

Tour departs from MDPL’s Art Deco Welcome Center, 1001 Ocean Drive at 10th Street.

Reservations are not required. Tickets are $20

Umphrey’s McGee
Umphrey’s McGee is an American progressive rock band originally from South Bend, Indiana, whose music is often referred to as “progressive improvisation”, or “improg”. Although the band is part of the jam band scene, like Phish and the Grateful Dead, they are much more influenced musically by progressive rock artists such as King Crimson, Yes, Pink Floyd and Frank Zappa.

Food Truck & Music Festival (FREE)

Food Truck & Music Fest 2
The popular Food Truck Festival will feature a selection of dining treats along Ocean Terrace. Enjoy your meal with some great live music inside the Bandshell – The Hongs, a collective of some of Miami’s most innovative musicians, with Gordon Myers at the creative nucleus. This show is part of the ongoing Gummdrops series.

Pechakucha Miami Obscura

Without a doubt Miami is the Magic City.  There is a unique alchemy of cigar smoke, the Everglades, luxury condos, sunshine, contemporary art, hurricanes, nightclubs, Tequestas, celebrities, and cordaditos that has created such a vibrant city.

PechaKucha Miami in collaboration with Fordistas will feature six local luminaries who will bring to life some of the city’s lesser known stories in short presentations less than six minutes each. Won’t you join us for a night of Miami Obscura?

Joel Fernandez, product/81 creative lab
Alejandro Mendoza, Giants in the City
Natalie Meruelo, Deauville Beach Resort
James Anderson, MBA, Penned Impression: Caribbean Medicare Mafia
Rosemarie Romero, Esthetic Theory: Beyond HyperLust and PornNail$
Louise Irvine, WMODA: Wiener Museum of Decorative Arts

The Fordistas program, powered by South Florida Ford, is a platform for emerging arts and culture focused on nurturing and elevating homegrown talent in our community. 

Beats provided by DJ Andie Sweetswirl

Special installation by Giants in the City

Media partnerships with Atlas Obscura, The New Tropic, and Tropicult